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One of the greatest gifts life has to offer is the gift of expression. The ability to express and communicate ones emotions with no words, but just simply speaking your heart through an instrument is something trully special

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First of all, I’ll tell my story.

Music accompanies my life since I was little.

I still remember the day when I was nine years old, coming back from school and sitting into my parent's car when suddenly I saw a big black box lying right beside me.

I asked my mom what was it, she replied with a huge smile on her face: “It’s your brand new violin!”, since that day I’ve become a violinist.

After ten years in Germany I’ve moved to Lithuania, where my parents decided that I will be the most successful if I continue my path of music. Just like that I found myself in Juozas Naujalis music gymnasium.

After twelfth grade I have decided to quit music to try and find myself somewhere else. After a year of working in a different field, I have realized that I was missing something. That something was music... So with a fresh head and a heart full of motivation I’ve successfully joined the Vytautas Magnus University Music Production studies.

Besides that I will continue my carrier as a violinist at VMU music academy.

Josef Suk - Piano Trio in c minor, op.2

 Safija Larbi, Norbertas Veršulis, Paula Bagotyriūtė

Faustas Latėnas - Šviesiam atminimui

Jonė Barbora Laukaitytė, Safija Larbi, Norbertas Veršulis, Dovydas Bulotas.

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